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Student Clubs

Many clubs and activities are offered at Westborough.  Students are encouraged to get involved and take advantage of the variety of opportunities offered to enhance the middle school experience.  The clubs and activities offered vary each year according to student interest and staffing.


Alleykatz Scholarship Bowling League

The bowling league is open to all students.  Bowling takes place nearly every Friday from 3:30-5:00.  The cost is about $9.00 per week which includes two games and shoes and also provides trophies and treats throughout the year.  Members belong to the Junior Bowling Association which is a sanctioned league.  The annual fee is around $10.00 and includes free bowling on weekday afternoons, achievement pins and patches, and scholarship opportunities.  See Ms. Guyon for more information.


Basketball Club

The Basketball club is aimed at students interested in playing basketball, but not wanting to join the Park and Rec basketball team.  There will be organized matches and periodic pick-up games. 


Boy's Volleyball Club

The Volleyball Club is aimed at boys interested in playing volleyball, but not wanting to join the Park and Rec volleyball team.  Basic volleyball skills and the rules of the game are taught and most of the meeting time is spent practicing.  See Mr. Toy in Room 53 or Ms. Low in Room 61 for more information.


Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is a service organization at Westborough dedicated to campus beautification efforts, but not limited to, litter control and prevention.  The club generally meets twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:00-8:15 to pick up school litter from the campus.  Members are responsible for lunch duty once a week, helping keep the patio, blacktop, and MUR clean.


Chess Club

Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch, students are welcome to come and play one of the world's oldest and most complex games, chess  If you are already a chess player or would like to become one, then the Chess Club is for you.  See Mr. Yanow in Room 76.


Jogging Club

The Westborough AM Jogging Club meets every Wednesday morning at 7:20 for a two mile jog throughout the neighborhood of Westborough.  The year culminates with a fun activity (Giants game or movie).  This club gives students a chance to develop cardiovascular fitness, self-discipline, and motivation.  Once a club member accumulates 50 miles, they earn a "Wildcat AM Jogging Club 50 Mile" t-shirt.  See Mr. Frisbie for more information.


Math Club

The Math Club is a place to solve challenging math problems with other interested students, learn new problem solving strategies, and participate in monthly math contests.  All you need to join is an interest in mathematics.  See Ms. Villarin in Room 34 for more information.


Recycling Club

Westborough We-Cyclers handle the recycling throughout the school.  One group collects and puts out for pick up the large recycling bins located throughout the campus on a bi-weekly basis.  The bottles and cans recycling is also done every other week by students who gather, separate, and crush the cans and plastic bottles for recycling.  See Mr. Yanow in Room 76 for more information.


Stock Market Club

The Stock Market Club is open to all students interested in the financial marketplace.  The club competes every semester in the California Stock  Market Competition and the National CNBC Competition.  They have won the competition twenty times in the past. See Mr. Patane in Room 12 for more information.