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Module 1 Lesson 2

Student Orientation

Create a StarLogo Nova account and log in
  1. In Google Chrome, navigate to www.slnova.org - the StarLogo Nova homepage.
  2. Click the Register link and follow the instructions.
  3. Enter a username, a password, and an email address.  (Use your student ID and password for school computers)  Then click "Submit."
You now have an account on StarLogo Nova!  When you set up your account, you get your own public and private gallery.  A gallery is a place to store and display your projects.  You also get your own personal "profile" page.  Through your profile, you can access the projects you make and projects that have been shared with you.
Create a StarLogo Nova project
  1. After logging in successfully, click on "My Profile" in the upper right hand corner of the information area.  You will see options for editing user settings.
  2. Click the "Create a new project" button to open a new project.
  3. Choose "Blank Project" and click "Submit"
  4. You will see a new project appear with the title "Untitled-Blank Project 1." Replace the title with "Orientation" followed by your name.  Then where it says "A completely blank starter project" type your teacher's name and class period into the box.
  5. Hit "Save."  This project is now saved in your Private Gallery.  (All new projects get save in the Private Gallery by default.)

Create Agents

Click on the page tab to switch to "The World" page.
  1. Find the following blocks from the drawers and drag them out onto "The World" page. 


    Here's what the blocks do:

    The "when setup pushed" block on the World page tells the World what to do when the setup button in pushed.

    The "create-do" blocks allows users to create particular agents of certain type or breed, then have each of the newly created agents perform commands within the "do" area right away.

    The "clear terrain" block erases any drawing on the terrain.

    The "delete everyone" blocks gets rid of any agents in Spaceland.

    The "forward"  block moves the agent forward.

  2. Now it is your turn to put the blocks together into a procedure that the World will carry out when the setup button is pushed.
  3. Try combining blocks so that when the setup button is pushed, five turtles are created and each of the turtles moves forward 2 steps away from the center of Spaceland.  After making changes to your program, always click "Save" to save your changes, and always click "Run Code" before running your project.
  4. Check your progress.  Scroll back up to Spaceland, and click the "setup" button.  When you've successfully assembled these blocks, you should see a set of white blocks (the agents you created) in the center of Spaceland.

Draw a Flower

Click on the "Turtle" tab to switch to the "Turtle" page.  The turtle agents will run the blocks you assemble here.
  1. Find the following blocks from the drawers and drag them onto the "Turtle" page.

    Here's what the blocks do:

    The "when forever toggled" block on the Turtle page tells the turtles what to do when the "forever" button is toggled to the ON position.

    The "pen down" block tells each turtle agent to leave a trail wherever it goes.

    The "forward" block moves the agent forward a number of steps input by the user.

    The "left by ___ degrees"  block tells each turtle to turn left by some number of degrees input by the user.

  2. Now it is your task to put the blocks together into a procedure so that the turtle agents will each draw a circular flower petal when the forever button is toggled on.  (A toggle is like a light switch; it is either on or off.)
  3. Try combining the blocks so that when the forever button is pushed, each of the five turtles draws a petal of the flower.  Don't forget to click on "Save" to save your changes.  To test your changes, click "Run Code" and then use the user-interface buttons (set-up and forever) in Spaceland.
  4. Check your progress.  Scroll back up to Spaceland and click the "forever" button.  You should see a set of white blocks (the agents you created) drawing a flower.