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Student Activities

Academic Center

The Academic Center is open on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 3:10-4:00pm in the library and a math classroom each week.  The purpose of the Academic Center is to provide a safe and quiet place where students can work on homework, assignments, and projects, do internet research, or get tutoring help from fellow 8th Grade Honor Society students.  It is free of charge and students may drop in as needed (minimum 30 minutes) or be assigned by their teacher/counselor. 


Honor Society

Students who achieve academic excellence and earn the recommendations of their teachers, may apply for membership in the Honor Society.  In addition to providing recognition for outstanding achievement, students also "give back" through school or community service.  The Honor Society has special activities including a 6th grade cultural trip to San Francisco, 7th grade trips to Sacramento and Monterey, and an 8th grade trip to Yosemite.  



A variety of intramural activities are offered at lunch (free) to all students based on the season.  Some intramurals include basketball, touch football, kickball, volleyball, soccer...Listen to the daily announcements for specific activities and times.  You may also check with Mr. Furr, Mr. Frisbie, or Mr. Vina for additional information.


Mini-Course Day/Field Trip Day

Every other year in the spring, students at each grade level participate in Mini-Course/Field Trip Day.  Depending on funds, staffing, and student interest, this may include various activities/fun classes during the day in which students sign up (chess, art, crafts, music, dance, . . .) and follow a rotating schedule.  Lunch is usually a school sponsored barbecue and the afternoon consists of field day activities with competition between classes.  Other years, each grade level embarks on a field trip somewhere off campus.


Turkey Trot

Every year around Thanksgiving time, students compete in the annual Turkey Trot, a race around the school/neighborhood for prizes and awards.  Students compete by gender and grade level and is one of the holiday highlights at the school.  Parents are welcomed to stop by (during lunch) to cheer on their child or simply observe the fun.