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Faculty and Staff

Administration and Student Services

Dr. Rossi de Campos Principal
Ms. Barbara Bowler Assistant Principal
Ms. Katie Phelps Counselor (A-Leach)
Ms. Taryn Richards Counselor (Lee-Z)
Mrs. Dolores Corcoran Health Coordinator
Ms. Nancy Schoen Library / Media Technician
Mrs. Aura Abing School Psychologist
Ms. Melanie Ison Main Office Executive Assistant
Ms. Lorna Fontana Attendance and Discipline
Ms. Mercy Fernando Counseling Admin. Assistant
Mrs. Susan Sazio Campus Supervisor
Ms. Jenny Valdez School Safety Advocate 
Ms. Karyn DiCastri Speech and Language Pathologist



Ms. Japheth Aquino Mathematics and Technology
Mr. Daniel Armstrong Mathematics and Science 
Mrs. Trisha Barry Science
Mrs. Erin Clarke Social Studies
Mr. Michael Conner Language Arts and Social Studies
Ms. Sarina Duncan Language Arts and Social Studies
Mr. Matthew Frisbie Physical Education
Mr. Robert Furr Physical Education
Ms. Rebecca Gaynon Language Arts
Mrs. Marlena Guerra Community Based Instruction / Life Skills
Ms. Susan Guyon Physical Education
Ms. Joan Kim Visual Arts
Ms. Corinna Low Science
Ms. Anne Martin Music
Ms. Liza Melkonian Language Arts and Social Studies
Mrs. Sue Milwee  Mathematics
Mrs. Roselyn Narvarte Language Arts
Ms. Haley Ng Mathematics
Ms. Phuong Nguyen Mathematics
Ms. Mary Beth Pala Language Arts
Mr. Steven Patane Mathematics
Ms. (Anna) Gabriela Rose Community Base Instruction / Life Skills
Mr. Aaron Rosenthal Language Arts
Mrs. Angela Saelaw Mathematics and Leadership/ASB
Mr. Brian Vina Social Studies
Ms. Alanna Wong Language Arts
Ms. Natalie Wong Science
Mr. Daniel Yanow

Social Studies and Spanish/French Culture

Instructional Aides

Mrs. Sahar Shihadeh Academic Instruction Class
Mrs. Zaida Sison English Language Development
Ms. Kit Yuen Academic Instruction Class
Ms. Vanessa Bernard Academic Instruction Class
Ms. Michelle Kadlecik Academic Instruction Class

Cafeteria Staff

  • Ms. Luana Ige
  • Mrs. Jeannie Lui

Custodial Staff

  • Mr. Ed Madrigal
  • Mr. Sixto Cabangal
  • Mr. William Goff