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Attendance Office


The attendance office is home to our assistant principal, Ms. Bowler; administrative assistant, Mrs. Fontana,  and campus supervisor Mrs. Sazio.  When a student is absent, please call Mrs. Fontana before 10:00 to report the absence.  We will try to reach you as soon as possible if we don't hear from you by then.  If you are not able to reach us, please have your child bring a note stating the date and reason for the absence.  If you call in, no  note is needed.  class.  Students who are more than 10 minutes tardy to school should also report to the attendance office to obtain an ADMIT to their class.  Students who have an appointment during the day or who need to leave school early must obtain a PERMISSION TO LEAVE CAMPUS pass in the morning before leaving campus.  Homework requests for students absent for three or more days can be obtained from Mrs. Fontana.

Our assistant principal deals with school attendance, discipline, and safety issues.  Parents who wish to speak to our assistant principal should check in with the attendance office to schedule an appointment.  Parents meeting with the assistant principal or picking up their child following a discipline meeting should do so at this office. 

Mrs. Sazio, our campus supervisor, patrols our campus to ensure student safety.  

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Ms. Bowler, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Lorna Fontana, Attendance/AP Administrative Assistant