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Main Office

The main office serves as the welcome center of our school. It houses the administration, counseling, and attendance departments.  All visitors should check into the main office to receive a visitor's pass.  Administrative Assistants will assist you in checking out your child, making counselor or administrator appointments, attending parent conferences, dropping off missing assignments/lunches, or whatever you need.  We are here to serve you.

If you are registering your child at Westborough, the principal's administrative assistant, Ms. Ison, also serves as our registrar and will help you enroll your child at the school.  If you need transcripts, please see our counselors' administrative assistant, Ms. Fernando, as she can assist you with that.  For attendance issues or medical appointments please see Ms. Fontana.  The main office is also home to our health office.  Our health technician,  Mrs. Corcoran,  is on hand each Tuesday to see children who may get injured or fall ill during the school day. She also keeps track of all immunization requirements and works with families on that matter. Should a student need to go home, parents can pick up the student from our main office.

Contact Us

2570 Westborough Blvd.
So. San Francisco, CA 94080

Ph: (650) 877-8848
Fax: (650) 871-5356


Ms. Ison, Main Office/Principal's Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Lorna Fontana, Attendance/AP's Administrative Assistant

Ms. Mercy Fernando, Counselors' Administrative Assistant