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Afterschool Supervision and Safety


Your child’s safety is very important to us at Westborough Middle School. In order to better monitor and ensure the safety of students, please be advised that:  

  1. Students waiting for parents after 3:30p.m. should wait on the blacktop, up by the main office flagpole and marquee. When it is raining, students may wait under the cover in front of the P.E. locker rooms. Please do not wait by the gates near the street, it is not safe.
  2. Students should not loiter on campus after school if not engaged in a school-related, supervised activity.
  3. On the days when the homework center is open, students are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.  This arrangement will enable the Westborough staff to monitor students on campus after the campus supervisor is no longer on duty (3:30pm).