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8th Grade Promotion Guidelines

8th Grade Promotion Guidelines

Dear Parents:


As our 8th graders enter their last year at Westborough Middle School, we expect each student to continue demonstrating good behavior, attendance, and study habits.  It is tempting for students in the final year to lose focus, but there are consequences.  Poor grades may mean that students will not be able to participate in promotion activities.  Poor behavior may mean referrals to the office. 


In either case, we want students to realize that their end of the year activities may be in jeopardy if they cannot meet the above standards.  Activities are fun, but grades and behavior are our first priority. 


As stated in Westborough's student handbook:


An 8th grade student’s participation in all the exciting 8th grade activities such as the 8th grade dance, Santa Cruz trip, Sports Night, and/or 8th grade promotion may be in jeopardy if they fall into the following categories: 


  1. Has three referrals and/or has been assigned two or more Saturday Schools and/or is suspended from school for any reason during the spring semester.


  1. Has been deemed a safety risk or untrustworthy due to his/her actions during the school year or failed to pay book/library fines or lunch bills.


  1. Has not passed language arts or math both semesters of 8th grade and 5 out of 6 classes each semester of 8th grade.   


Please discuss this with your child and return this signed letter to your child’s homeroom teacher by September 1.  We must have a copy of this signed letter on file for your child to participate in the end of the year activities.  Final determination is at the discretion of the Principal and Assistant Principal. 


Thank you,

Dr. Rossi                                                                                                         



Ms. Bowler

Assistant Principal