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Discipline and Behavior

New Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) strategies are rolling out at Westborough!


In 2016-17 a team of teachers, a counselor, and the principal attended a series of professional development workshops around PBIS at the County Office of Education and brought some exciting, new ideas to the staff. We spent many hours at staff meetings and PBIS team meetings developing school expectations: Respect, Organization, Attitude, and Responsibility (ROAR) and created a matrix of what these expectations look like at Westborough: always, in the classroom, hallways, MUR, blacktop/patio, library/computer labs/office, and bathrooms. 


In spring of 2017, each homeroom was given the opportunity to compete to create a visual to represent each of the ROAR expectations.  The four winning entries were combined to create ROAR posters which are in every classroom and posted around school.  A copy of the matrix is printed in the students’ planners (generously supplied free of charge to each student by the PTSA) on page 9.  We developed lessons for each expectation which we have begun to teach in homerooms in the 2017-18 school year. 


We also began rewarding students who demonstrate excellence!  Students can be awarded a ROAR paw by any staff member who notices they are modeling our expectations.  Students then drop their paws in a box located in the office.  Each morning, Ms. Holland picks a paw at random and that student is celebrated over the morning announcement with a reminder of what s/he did that attracted positive notice.  The student comes to the office to pick a prize: paw themed school supplies.


We track all students who have earned paws in a given month whether or not they have won a prize.  The PBIS team may look at awarding bigger prizes later for students who are rising up often as models of excellence. 


By teaching our students how we expect Westborough students to act, we hope to make the school an even more positive place for all.

ROAR poster.png