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Parking Guidelines

It is very important for the safety of all children that all drivers follow the following procedures/guidelines for dropping off and picking up students at Westborough.

  1. Please respect the traffic patrol and follow their directions. The cones are placed to assist in traffic flow.
  2. Please do not park along Westborough Blvd. in the red zone. The police may ticket cars parked there as it is a “No Stopping Anytime” Zone set by the city.
  3. The blacktop opens at 2:55—no earlier! The blacktop is a  PE classroom. Students can’t come down to the blacktop until after the bell rings.
  4. The upper parking lot near the office and the back road are not for use except for school employees and school buses. Please do not park there - you will be asked to move.
  5. Stay behind the yellow dotted line when leaving in the afternoon. Park your car and have your children come to you. Do not pull up to the overhang. It is not safe for the children.


  • Drop off/or meet your child up the hill at the 7/11 or bus stop, OR drop off or meet your child down the hill on Galway near Westborough Park.
  • You may save time in the morning by coming at 8 am—not 8:20.
  • You may save time after school by coming at 3:15 instead of 3:00

Help us help you by following the traffic rules and guidelines. 

  • Please do not run over the cones or stop at the blacktop entrance or on the street to pick up your child. It backs up the traffic.  
  • Please drop off your children in the morning by moving as far up as you can—this allows more cars to enter the blacktop and keeps the traffic moving. If you stop down by the basketball hoops, it backs up traffic.  
  • In the afternoon, move your car as far into the blacktop as you can. It allows more cars inside and keeps the traffic on Westborough moving.  
  • Please drive defensively and watch for other cars and students/staff. We do our best to help, but everyone needs to pay attention.  

Following our guidelines will help keep traffic moving and assist in traffic safety.