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School Safety


As a school community we are safer if students, parents and staff understand the rules and expectations of the school. If any student, parent or staff member sees a serious violation of one of the school rules, please report it to a staff member and we will deal with it appropriately. You are helping to keep everyone safe!  

Don’t expect someone else to do it!  

Don’t say: “It’s not up to me to get involved”!   If you see something dangerous on campus report it and help keep Westborough safe.  If your child is uncomfortable doing this, teach them to find an adult they trust (teacher, counselor, administrator, staff member, parent) and have them tell that person who will relate it to one of us.

We are ALL involved as a school community and do not operate in isolation from each other. There are ways to report anonymously through phone calls or via notes to an administrator. We maintain confidentiality.    

Parents: Instruct your child that there is a difference between “telling” and/or “tattling” or “snitching”!    A good way of explaining this difference is to say:   If an activity, item, or action could hurt someone else or hurt the student, then a witness should “tell” a trusted adult or staff member who can report it to the administration—or the witness can report it him/herself.