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Suspension and Expulsion


Please note: The South San Francisco Unified School District has a THREE-FIGHT RULE. Students involved in three fights at any time during their enrollment at Westborough will be transferred to another Middle School. The new school site is determined by the District’s Director of Attendance and Welfare.  

The following actions can, by law, result in suspension or expulsion from school: 

  • Causing Injury: Caused, attempted to cause, or threatened to cause physical injury to another person.   
  • Disrupting School Activities: Disrupting the classroom or school sponsored activities before, during, or after school hours, or willfully defying the valid authority of supervisors, teachers, administrators, or other school personnel engaged in the performance of their duties.  
  • Drugs: Unlawful possession, use, selling, or otherwise furnishing or being under the influence of any controlled substances (as defined in Health Code), alcohol, or intoxicant and/or drug paraphernalia. 
  • Fighting and Assault: Students involved in a fight will be referred to the administration for disciplinary action. If mutual combat, both students will be suspended from school.  
  • Obscene Language or Gesture: Use of profanity, obscene gestures, vulgarity, or possessing obscene material may result in suspension from school.  
  • Robbery or Extortion: Taking property which belongs to the school or to another person or forcing someone to give you money or items under threat.  
  • Possession of Weapons:   Possession, selling, or otherwise furnishing any firearm, knife, explosive, (including firecrackers), and other dangerous objects at school. This includes imitation firearms or weapons.
  • Sexual Harassment/Assault/Battery: Unwelcome sexual advancements, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, visual, or physical actions of a sexual nature (i.e., drawing lewd pictures, written statements, touching another person improperly).  
  • Smoking: Possession or use of tobacco on school grounds or at any school function.  
  • Stealing: Stealing or attempting to steal school property or private property.  
  • Stolen Property: Knowingly receiving stolen school property or private property.  
  • Vandalism: Caused or attempted to cause damage to school property or private property.  
  • Terrorist Threats: Against school property or personnel or students  
  • Hate Crimes: Committed by students to harass, hurt, frighten, or intimidate others based on race, gender, religion, or gender orientation.

A suspension is a temporary 1-5 day removal from school.  Students may return to school after their suspension is over provided a parent conference has been held.  An expulsion is a much more severe consequence removing a student from his/her home school for a period of one semester to one year.  Students attend school at an alternative school during this time.  After the completion of the expulsion time frame, a decision will be made by the school and district as to which school the student will attend.  Offenses resulting in expulsion are severe, usually illegal, and set by state law.

Suspension Rules


A student on suspension from any school in the district must remain at least 1,000 yards away from any and all campuses while on suspension, including night activities. Students accruing 20 DAYS of suspensions within a school year at one school will be transferred to another school within the District. The school site is determined by the District’s Director of Attendance and Welfare.