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Library Media Center


Library Hours 

  • The library is open to all students from 8:00 A.M.- 4:00P.M. for book check out and other library business.
  • The library is open during lunch Monday through Thursday for students who obtain a lunch pass.

Library Policies


  • No eat or drinking is allowed in the library.
  • All students are required to work quietly and not disturb others working around them.
  • Students may check out up to three books.
  • Books are due back two weeks from the check-out date, except for reference materials.  Reference books, such as dictionaries, atlases, and encyclopedias, are due back by the end of first period the following day.
  • There is a $0.10 per day fine for overdue books and a $1.00 per day fine for overdue reference materials.

Computer Use


There are twelve computers available for student use.  Computers are for school work only.  Students may complete assignments before school, during lunch, or after school during Homework Center.  Internet access is available only with permission from the librarian or teacher on duty.  No "personal surfing" is allowed.  Students must have an AUP on file before they will be allowed access to school computers.  All students must sign-in to the computer use log before working.  All school computer use rules must be followed.

Lunch Pass Procedures

Students need to obtain a lunch pass to come to the library during the lunch period.  This pass allows students access to the main building and library during lunch.

  • Students may sign up for a lunch pass at 8:00 each morning.  Only 36 passes are available, which go quickly.  Students taking a pass and not using it prevent other students from using the library.
  • Student takes a numbered pass from the box and PRINTS his/her first name on the sign-up sheet next to the number of the pass.  Students may only take one pass and may not sign up for a friend.
  • Students should go to their locker and the restroom before coming to the library.
  • Once a student enters the library at lunch, the library pass must be returned to the box and the number of the pass should be crossed off from the sign-in sheet.
  • Students may not leave the library until the end of the lunch period.